China Speech Valley becomes language service export base

Updated: 2022-02-16



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China Speech Valley is a first national-level artificial intelligence industrial park in China. [Photo/WeChat ID: hefeigaoxinfabu]

According to a notice released by the Ministry of Commerce, China Speech Valley was recently rated as a national special service export base in the field of language services.

China Speech Valley is the country's first artificial intelligence industrial park at the national level. It has a thriving intelligent speech industry and is home to iFlytek, a leading Chinese AI startup that focuses on intelligent speech technology.

To date, China Speech Valley has released over 100 creative language service products, ranging from translators to computer mice with convenient speech input functions—for Mandarin, English, and even select Chinese dialects—to a variety of wearable smart devices.

As the sole supplier of automatic translation software for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, iFlytek has provided athletes and staff members with a variety of high-tech translation gadgets geared towards facilitating international communication.

China Speech Valley is building a more advanced intelligent speech sector with the help of major firms, research institutions, and policy support. By 2020, China Speech Valley firms created more than 130 patents relating to intelligent speech. In the domains of speech synthesis, speech recognition, spoken language evaluation, speech transcription, and machine translation, iFlytek has established itself as a global leader.