Origin Quantum releases Q-EDA software

Updated: 2022-05-07



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A screenshot of the official website of Origin Unit. [Photo/WeChat ID: hefeigaoxinfabu]

Origin Unit, the first independently developed quantum chip industrial design software in China, was released on April 30 by Hefei-based quantum computing company Origin Quantum.

Origin Unit was launched to fill a void in the domestic quantum chip design tool Q-EDA. It is expected to help realize the independent research and development and industrial production of quantum chips, and boost the development of quantum technology in China.

Origin Unit supports the design of quantum chips for semiconductor and supercomputing physical systems simultaneously. Global users can directly access and use it online through Origin Quantum's cloud platform.

Origin Unit modifies the current function of Q-EDA software's single operation mode by supporting both local and online development modes. It provides a variety of cloud development tools to meet the needs of various users.

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