CIQTEK Valley begins construction in Hefei high-tech zone

Updated: 2022-05-13



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A rendering of CIQTEK Valley. [Photo/WeChat ID: hefeigaoxinfabu]

Hefei-based quantum technology company CIQTEK's R&D headquarters – CIQTEK Valley – began construction in Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone on May 8.

The project is located at the intersection of Kongquetai Road and Wanshui Road in the zone, with a total land area of about 7.6 hectares and a construction area of about 280,000 square meters. It is expected to be put into use by the end of 2023.

CIQTEK Valley will focus on the industrialization of high-end scientific instruments by leveraging CIQTEK's advanced quantum precision measurement technology.

He Yu, chairman of CIQTEK, said that CIQTEK Valley will be built into a comprehensive innovation base that integrates R&D, office, science popularization and supporting facilities. Once operational, the valley can accommodate nearly 5,000 people and its output value is expected to reach 10 billion yuan ($1.47 billion).

"We will always maintain an internationally leading position in core technology, and at the same time focus on the scientific instrument industry to achieve the deep integration of quantum sensing technology with multiple industries and fields," He said.

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