Shufengwan Park gets upgraded

Updated: 2022-08-05



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Shufengwan Park in Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone is open to the public with a new look and upgraded facilities.

The park is located at the foothills of Dashu Mountain in Hefei. Local government has renovated it since 2021 based on a design that combined opinions from local residents and integrated the concept of a "sponge park".

After upgrade, the park has become a popular destination for fitness, leisure and sightseeing. It improved landscape design and infrastructure, added rides and fitness facilities, and built a low-carbon garden.


A view of the upgraded Shufengwan Park. [Photo/WeChat ID: hefeigaoxinfabu]


New facilities make Shufengwan Park an ideal place for surrounding residents to relax and exercise. [Photo/WeChat ID: hefeigaoxinfabu]


The upgraded Shufengwan Park features a new landscape design. [Photo/WeChat ID: hefeigaoxinfabu]