Hefei high-tech zone hosts 3rd financing matchmaking meeting

Updated: 2022-09-05



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The Hefei National High-Tech Industry Development Zone held the third "Stabilizing the economy and improving the environment" financing matchmaking meeting on Sept 3.


The third edition of the financing matchmaking meeting is held on Sept 3 in the Hefei high-tech zone. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

At the meeting, staff members from the Hefei Science & Technology Rural Commercial Bank introduced sci-tech financial products and related policies.

Representatives from Guoyuan Securities, Xingtai Capital Management Co and other finance companies introduced the capital market, equity financing, and related business.

The participating entrepreneurs communicated with each other on issues such as equity and debt financing needs, industry resource grafting, listing planning and more in company development. Staff from the Hefei Science & Technology Rural Commercial Bank answered their questions.

Dong Kai, vice-president of the Hefei Science & Technology Rural Commercial Bank, expressed his thanks to the Hefei high-tech zone for building a bank-enterprise exchange platform.

Dong said that the bank has always adhered to the market positioning of "serving local areas, serving science and technology, serving small and medium-sized enterprises, and serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers" to support the regional economic development.

Dong said that the bank will continue to provide financial support for enterprises in the Hefei high-tech zone.

Liu Dengyin, deputy director of Hefei high-tech zone's management committee, said that the zone will continue to improve the zone's sci-tech financial service system to fuel enterprise development.

Up to now, the Hefei high-tech zone has completed all the visits to 60 enterprises participating in the first three sessions of the financing matchmaking meetings, providing credit support of about 977 million yuan ($140.68 million) and facilitating 27 enterprises to reach new cooperation intentions with financial institutions.