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    Hefei eyes prosperity as it looks to become an AI industry hub

    Ling Yun, mayor of Hefei, capital of Anhui province, said development of the high-tech industry will be increasingly important in efforts to improve society there. As many resources have been put into the industry, Hefei is gradually becoming a hub for emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence.

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    China launches first superconducting computing cloud platform

    Origin Quantum, a Hefei-based quantum computing company, launched China's first superconducting quantum computing cloud platform in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province, on Sept 12.

Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone consists several key parks, such as Hefei Innovation Industrial Park, Huoqiu Modern Industrial Park and Boyan Technology Park

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    Wu Shuai, general manager of Brainware Terahertz Information Technology Co Ltd, which is located in the Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone, is one of the entrepreneurs included in the zone's plan to foster leading entrepreneurs in their fields.

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    Engaged in teaching and scientific research, Zhang Guoqing, professor at the University of Science and Technology of China is also fostering his dream of popularizing science.