Quantum computing innovation platform goes live

Updated: 2021-10-08



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A man uses the online quantum computing innovation and entrepreneurship platform. [Photo/WeChat account: hefeigaoxinfabu]

China's first quantum computing innovation and entrepreneurship platform is now available online.

The platform was developed with completely independent intellectual property rights by Hefei Big Data, Hefei Advanced Computing Center, and Origin Quantum.

It allows users to develop quantum algorithms thorough quantum virtual machines as quantum computers have strict requirements for operation environment.

The platform also provides quantum computing learning resources, promotes the application of quantum computing, as well as facilitates communication among innovators and entrepreneurs from various industries.

It is expected to attract many quantum computing programming enthusiasts to join in the development of quantum computing, as well as help advance the quantum computing industry by forming a talent pool and incubating start-ups.

Offline services for innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of quantum computing are available at Hefei Big Data Industrial Park.