Data from Hefei high-tech zone points to more prosperity

Updated: 2023-01-19



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A prosperous section of the Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone. [Photo/WeChat ID: hefeigaoxinfabu]

The GDP of the Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone – located in Hefei city, in East China's Anhui province – topped 130 billion yuan ($19.17 billion) in 2022, according to preliminary official statistics.

It ranked within the top 10 of 168 national high-tech zones in China, marking its ninth consecutive year in that grouping.

Last year, it achieved steady progress, with its total industrial output value exceeding 200 billion yuan. In particular, the value of total imports and exports was estimated to have reached $8 billion, a new record.

The output value of strategic emerging industries was estimated to be over 150 billion yuan, with a growth rate of nearly 30 percent. The photovoltaic new energy industry, in particular, grew by more than 50 percent year-on-year.

Moreover, the zone has attracted 29 new "specialized and sophisticated SMEs" – referring to elite small and medium-sized enterprises that specialize in niche markets, are high growth and boast cutting-edge technologies – and 545 national high-tech enterprises, accounting for 35 percent and 40 percent of those in Hefei city, respectively.

The zone had also accelerated the development of its high-end platforms, including the USTC (University of Science and Technology of China) Silicon Valley and the Future Science and Technology City.

In addition, a total of 117 million yuan was invested last year to improve the wellbeing of local residents and nearly 1,000 problems were solved for resident enterprises.