USTC Silicon Valley launches training camp

Updated: 2023-09-12



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USTC Silicon Valley held a science and innovation training camp in Hefei, the capital of East China's Anhui province, from Sept 9-10. 

The main purpose of this camp was to address the lack of talent, capital, and market for entrepreneurs. 

The camp featured lectures from top investors, entrepreneurs, and regulatory agencies aimed at helping enterprises refine their programs, connect with capital, and engage with industry chain platforms. 

The first phase of the camp selected 36 high-quality enterprises as "official students", with additional enterprises participating as observers. 

These participants received guidance on developing their companies and finding investors.

Zhang Meng, vice-chairman of Anhui Wisdom Technology Co Ltd, praised the camp for sharing valuable methodology to entrepreneurs. 

The camp organizers also announced that they would be one of the main organizers of the 2023 World Manufacturing Convention, which will take place in Hefei from Sept 20-24. They noted that an exhibition area called "A Close Look at USTC Silicon Valley", along with related conferences, will be held to promote USTC Silicon Valley. 

In addition, outstanding enterprises will be selected to showcase their innovative achievements at the conference. 

Zhou Dengming, vice-chairman of the service platform company of USTC Silicon Valley, stated that they had introduced global innovation resources as well as established USTC Silicon Valley innovation centers in Japan and Israel in August. 

These centers are expected to accelerate the transfer of overseas resources to Hefei and promote applications that are made in the city.