A sneak peek into the 2023 World Manufacturing Convention

Updated: 2023-09-19



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The 2023 World Manufacturing Convention will take place in Hefei, capital of Anhui province in East China, from Sept 20 to 24.

Since its inception in 2018, the convention has attracted tens of thousands of participants and yielded fruitful results – agreements for over 3,000 projects and investments worth more than 1 trillion yuan ($137.19 billion) have been signed at the event.

The five-day event will showcase a wide array of new and advanced manufacturing products, ranging from data-driven operation and maintenance applications to industrial internet technologies.

Anhui Ronds Science & Technology Incorporated Company, which is based in the Hefei high-tech zone and known for its expertise in equipment intelligent operation and maintenance, will be hosting an exclusive product conference on Sept 20.

The conference will also showcase a diverse range of products like the Lingzhi SuperCare equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform 2.0.

A distinguished panel of guests will attend the event and take part in dialogues revolving around intelligent operation and maintenance, as well as the pursuit of high-quality development in the industry.

The latest achievements in the industrial internet domain within Anhui province and several AI big model products will also be released.