Global access to Chinese quantum computer tops 1 million

Updated: 2024-02-09



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China's independently developed third-generation superconducting quantum computer – called Origin Wukong – had completed 142,233,000 computing tasks for 94 countries and regions and the remote global access to it topped 1 million visits as of 11:00 am on Feb 1.

It went into operation on Jan 6, in Hefei – capital city of East China's Anhui province – and has been open to global users at no charge for a limited period to receive global quantum computing tasks.

The quantum computer was independently developed by Origin Quantum, a tech company focusing on quantum computing in the Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone.The quantum computer is powered by Wukong, a 72-qubit indigenous superconducting quantum chip. It is China's latest and most advanced programable and deliverable superconducting quantum computer.

Origin Quantum has established China's first trial production line for quantum chips and its superconductor chip production line started operating in 2022.

Zhao Xuejiao, vice-president of Origin Quantum, revealed that as of 11:00 am on Feb 1, a total of 155,285,000 quantum computing tasks had been received from all over the world, with 142,233,000 computing tasks completed.

According to statistics, the users who visited Origin Wukong online came from 94 countries or regions around the world and the top three countries in the global access rankings were the United States, Canada and Turkey.